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Previously known as the Rebel Time Aqualung – now known as the Rebel Aquafin, the watch has just been launched on Kickstarter where most of its funding has already been reached.

The Brooklyn, New York based Rebel Time Co. are a pretty much an unknown entity, however they have released some cheap ‘n’ cheerful non-divers in the past.

The Aquafin which will thankfully not be taking up the legendary Aqulung name is Rebel’s debut diver.

Rebel seem to have put a fair amount of effort into producing the Aquafin, so what’s it all about? At first glance, it’s refreshing to see a crowdfunded diver that isn’t vintage inspired. TF!

I quite like the whole vintage thing but I’m in danger of slitting my wrists if have to announce too many more affordable vintage styled divers. It’s time to be a little more creative, folks!

So, we know that the Aquafin isn’t vintage inspired. However it does kinda’ have that whole shopping mall diver vibe going on – saved only really buy those two crowns – I like ‘em.

These two sturdy features protrude from positions at 2 and 4 o’clock on the right side of the case and have been thoughtfully labeled ‘DIVING’ for bezel operation and TIME SET’ for, time setting!

Basic spec. includes: a 42mm x 13.5mm 316L case in steel or black-coating, a domed Sapphire crystal with AR coating plus Sapphire crystal caseback and 300m of water-resistance.

Power comes from Swiss Sellita SW200-1 automatic mechanical movement. The Aquafin is a Swiss made timepiece. Further details can be found HERE.

Just 350 examples of each variant will be produced. So what do you think? Are you digging the Aquafin? I guess the proof of the pudding will be in the eating. Lemme know if you get one. ;)


ZELOS Helmsman TWO

The Helmsman is back! First launched in March 2014, it was the Zelos brand’s debut divers model; it was followed by a further 5 models over the course of 3 years - that included the 3000m Abyss and the popular Hammerhead.

The vintage savvy among you will recognize the Helmsman as being based on 60s Super Compressor with its dual crowns and internal diving bezel, this has always been a huge part of its appeal.

However the Helmsman 2 now has the benefit of 3 years of manufacturing experience with 5 other models under their belt, Zelos has redesigned it from ground up to be a superior timepiece all-round while retaining all the first gen’s charms.

The Helmsman 2 was always designed to be a diver's watch, however while having an appropriate look for the office or any occasion where it might be worn with a shirt cuff.

Its 300 meters of water-resistance is owed in part to those dual screw-down crowns as well as its double domed Sapphire crystal.

These features are complimented with Swiss BGW9 SuperLuminova applied generously across the dial, internal bezel and crowns ensuring that not only can the Helmsman operate in the depths but it will also remain a visible companion down there.

The Helmsman 2’s case is offered in a combination of finishes. Its CNC machined case sides have been sandblasted for a smooth finish, while the edges have been polished in order to catch a glint of light.

Its bezel has been brushed in order to discreetly hide any scratches that might get picked up through the rigors of daily life. The bezel simply screws on (except for the ceramic variant) and could be changed by hand if you'd like a mix of materials or simply prefer a new look.

The Marine Grade Bronze Alloy used for t the Helmsman 2’s case is commonly used for the production of ship’s propellers due to its high-level of corrosion resistance.

Eventually an oxide layer, known as a patina will take your watch from a shiny rose-gold to a rustic brown.

The ceramic offered for the bezel has an incredible degree hardness (1500 Vickers) – this makes it scratch-resistance but also creates a lovely contrast against the bronze of the watch case – old meets new.

The Helmsman 2’s dials consist of various layers and textures to provide a highly legible yet unique look. Achieving the brightest glow in the dark was a priority for Zelos. The internal bezel is CNC engraved and then filled with lume to achieve an amazing glow.

Once again Zelos have chosen Meteorite, a metal approximately 4.5 billion years old with a striking aesthetic unlike any other material. Each and every meteorite dial has a unique pattern, otherwise known as the Widmanstatten Patterns.

There seems to have been a lot of thought put into the 2nd generation Helmsman.

For a full list of specifications, pricing ad details on pre-orders, please follow the link HERE or the one embedded, below.



H2O Kalmar CHRONO tease

Here’s a bit of tease of something new coming this way from H2O Watches, their first ever diving chronograph which is based on their flagship Kalmar diving series.

The Kalmar Chrono (not sure of its official name) has been in the works for a good year or two, but H2O Watches have finally reached a point where they have working prototype that has already been successfully and tested.

Although the design is based on the Kalmar series, it has been newly developed from the ground up in order to achieve the best possible technical specification and functionality. It's going to be a class leader - that's guaranteed.

So else what to tell you about this new diving chrono? H2O have been keeping most of the watch’s details under wraps until its official launch in mid-August when pre-orders will also open.

However I can reveal something very special about the Kalmar Chrono, it uses arguably the world´s most advanced crown-pusher system which has quadruple sealing.

It has been tested up to 750 bar, the equivalent of 7500 meters of water-resistance. However this doesn’t necessarily mean that the Kalmar Chrono will be rated quite as high a 7500m.

We could expect a little more circumspect 5000m (pure guess); which is still bloody impressive for a chronograph if you ask me and second only to the CX Swiss Military Watches CX 20’000 Feet. ;-)

So what do you think; something to get excited about, right? At least something to look forward to for our wrists for the 1st quarter of 2018! Stay tuned for pre-orders, coming soon.


Here’s a quick preview of a new Frogman variant, the new Khaki Navy Frogman Automatic with a 42MM Stainless steel case and red bezel which joins the existing black and blue variants

– not to be confused with 46MM Titanium and red bezel variant. I absolutely love these new-gen Khaki Navy Frogmen, especially the 46mm Ti, but you really couldn’t go wrong with any of them.